Trek 10 - Leadership Learning Assembly

Trek 10 – International Service

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International Service - Opportunities for Worldwide Partnering

In Rotary, clubs have many ways to engage in International Service. Connecting across borders provides opportunities to partner with other clubs, create sustainable change, develop friendships and cross cultural awareness, even without a grant. For your club’s larger international projects, get clear on how global and district grants work.

Ramona Delmas and Carolyn Feuille will be presenting and answering your questions. (This session is scheduled for one hour but will continue if conversation and questions need more time)

Interactive Dialogue Webinar  - Recorded: July  28, 2020 / 4:00 PM
Host:  Ramona Delmas and Carolyn Feuille
This course will provide a general program overview of the Rotary Peace Fellowship, including information about the Rotary Peace Centers, qualification requirements, eligibility restrictions, and the application cycle.
Interactive Dialogue Webinar  - Date: To Be Scheduled
Proposed Host: Karen Grosz

SERVE your club and your community - Giving is the engine

Ramona - video of PrePETS presentation;  Include or separate video with Carolyn Feuille re DISC and other International opportunities. 


Interactive Dialogue Webinar  - Date: To Be Scheduled

Proposed Host:  Ramona Delmas