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Trek 8 - Learning Leadership Assembly

Trek 8 – Youth Service


Before You Start Out On Your Rotary Leadership Learning JOurneY

Trail Tip!

When you link to a Learning Center offering, if you are not logged into the Rotary Learning Center, you will be prompted to login and will then be taken to a Rotary Learning Center Catalogue page. The easiest way to find the module you want is to go back to the District 5190 Leadership Learning page and re-click the link for your training program.

Step 1: Login to your MyRotary.org account and Rotary Learning Center

Step 2: From District 5190 Leadership Learning page, click (or re-click) the training link you want.


Rotary Youth Programs

An interactive dialogue on Rotary and cultivating tomorrow’s leaders through Youth Programs.  Nuts to bolts and creative ideas for Club Leaders engaged with youth, Rotary programs, partnerships and more.
Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date: To Be Scheduled
Host: PDG Tina Spencer Mulhern and Youth Leadership team

Rotary Youth Exchange
Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date: To Be Scheduled
Host: RYE Leadership Team

Rotary Youth Leadership Awareness
Considered one of the outstanding youth programs in Rotary, our comprehensive, volunteer staff makes RYLA a highlight of each participant’s educational experience.
Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date: To Be Scheduled
Hosts: Gordon Beatie and Steve Singer

RotaryEGL.com - REGL website
Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date: To Be Scheduled
Host: PDG Tina Spencer-Mulhern

Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date: To Be Scheduled
Host: Interact Leadership Team

Protecting Youth Program Participants 1 course (Learning Center Duration 30m guides)
RI President 2020-21 Holger Knaack opens the course in a video on the shared responsibility to protect and foster safe environments for our youth.  This module explains your responsibility to protect young people, how Rotary defines abuse and harassment — especially involving youths — and how we handle reports that it has occurred.
Successful completion of online Youth Protection Training is required of all Rotarians working with youth participants (see exceptions under Applicability, Club and District Policy, Section 6).  Training will be done via the online NAYEN (North American Youth Exchange Network) and is accessed by requesting a link from the District Youth Protection Training Officer.  This training must be repeated once every three years.

Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date: August 3, 2020 / Time: 10:30 AM
Hosts: Bill Boon & Jon Greene