Tips For The Trail

Tips for navigating the Rotary waters

The LLA Team has compiled training opportunities for you to access from that are hosted on a variety of platforms including:
  • Rotary Learning Center - located on which requires a log-in and password  
  • District 5190 YouTube - public access
  • Zoom - live session or recording of a live session 
  • GoToMeeting  - live session or recording of a live session


To make the process of taking these online learning treks easier, we recommend doing the following:

  1. Go to It will ask for a log-in and password. If you don't already have a Rotary account, simply click on "Sign In to My Rotary" OR "Register for an Account". (It's a simple one-minute process of providing your email and a password. Be sure to use the same email that your Club has for you. And select a password that you will remember!)  
  2. When you sign in, be sure check the "Remember Me" box. This keeps your account open even if you leave the site (unless you specifically click the Sign Out box.). It also saves the time of having to log in every time you want to take a course!
  3. Open up a new tab on your browser, and go to the Leadership Learning Assembly page on the district website.
  4. Select the Topic of your interest and click on that link. Now when you click on any of the specific training courses listed, you will go directly there.
  5. NOTE: If you are NOT logged into, the link will take you to the Rotary Learning Center which is within and will prompt you to log-in. However, instead of taking you to the specific course you want, it will take you to the "Catalogue" Page which has ALL the courses in the Learning Center. IF that happens to you, we recommend you go back and do the steps above.


Rotary Learning Center

  • You will need an account on (the Members Only area for 
    • Click the My Rotary icon at the top of the page or enter in your browser to access the site.  Then click Sign In or Register using the email you use for Rotary communications.  
    • Start from the Beginning - A suggestion is to add a step into your club's new member Red/Blue Badge process (if your club does this), requiring them to1) create a member account on and to peruse the Rotary Learning Center. 
  • Each Learning Plan in the Rotary Learning Center starts with a how to course called: Getting Started with the Rotary Learning Center

Want to learn more about Zoom?