The District Grants Steering Committee has announced changes in District Grants for the next Rotary year.
District Grant Funds for club projects will continue to match club funds on a 1-to-1 basis up to $2500. The club may plan to expend more than $2500 for the project, but there is a maximum of $2500 in District Grant Funds.
District Grant Funds for multi-Club projects will be increased to match each club’s funds on a one to one-and-a-third (1 to 1 1/3) basis up to $3325, to encourage clubs to work together on projects. For example, if 2 clubs work together on a project and each contribute $2500, a maximum of $3325 will be available for each club, for a total of $6650. An example of a 2-club project where each club donates $2500 results in:
  • Club A Contribution    $2500
  • Club B Contribution    $2500
  • Club A District Match  $3325
  • Club B District Match  $3325
  • Total Project Funding $11650
Bonus District Grant Funds will be available to clubs which qualify for the Every Rotarian Every Year Banner in the 2022-23 Rotary year.
  • A 30% bonus up to $750 will be made available for single-club projects.
  • A 30% bonus up to $1000 will be made available for multi-club projects.
  • Bonus Funds will also be available for projects when club funds are not being used at a maximum of $750 for single club projects and $1000 for multi-club projects.
  • To qualify, for the Every Rotarian Every Year Banner, every Rotarian who was a member of the Club on July 1 must contribute a minimum of $25 to the Annual Fund, with an average gift for the club of $100. (Members who joined the club during the current year are not counted.)
  • Bonus District Grant Funds must be requested by October 31, 2023.
Clubs are encouraged to earn the Every Rotarian Every Year Banner between now and June 30th in order to qualify for Bonus Funds next year!
If you have any questions, please contact:
Bill Boon, District Grants Subcommittee Chair
Phone – 775-636-0384  
Doug McDonald, District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair
Phone – 530-632-6536