Looking for more funding for your club project?
You’re in luck!
The District Grants Committee has opened a second round of District Grants. This means that clubs which have already been approved for one District Grant may now apply for a second grant.
Clubs that have not been awarded a District Grant are still eligible to apply for their first grant.
Over $40,000 is still available in the form of District Grants. Club funds will be matched with a grant up to $2500 per project, and an extra 25% will be granted to each club when two or more clubs partner in a project.
Bonus District Grant funds, reflecting the club’s Annual Fund giving, will also be awarded for a stand-alone project or can be added to another club project. For a list of the available Bonus funds, go to https://district5190.org/documents/en-ca/a6469793-d77a-417a-a522-21b5ee0e3522/1.
For more information or to be sure your club is qualified to apply for grants, contact District Grants Chair Bill Boon (whboon@sbcglobal.net) or District Foundation Chair Doug McDonald (dougmcdonald49@gmail.com).