Grants are available!
  • We have just received over $93,000 to be distributed to clubs in the form of District Grants.
  • District Grants are available to assist your club with a project to benefit the community, either locally or internationally.
  • A District Grant will match your club 1-to-1 up to $2,500.
  • If you participate in a multi-club grant, the district will match each club 1 to 1.25 up to $3125. The more clubs that participate, the more grant funds!
  • In addition, Bonus Funds are available which don't require a club match and can be used either as part of your project or a stand-alone project. 
  • All qualified clubs may apply for a grant until October 31. If grant funds are still available after October 31, a second round of grants may be made available.
  • Bonus Funds may be requested through October 31, but may not be available after that date depending on demand.
"Qualified Clubs" are those clubs in which the President and one other Rotarian are current in Grant Management Training and have filed a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). If you need to know if your club is qualified, which club members are currently trained, or if your club has a MOU on file, District Foundation Chair Doug McDonald or District Grants Chair Bill Boon.
For more information and to download the list of available Bonus Grant funds, please see the Grants page on the district website at
Qualified clubs are eligible to write and submit a grant request using the District Grants Module on the website at