This custom quilt is 81" x 99" inches. Raffle tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50 and can be purchased by contacting the Rotary Club of Yerington or Jan Recanzone at (775) 463-9070 or (775) 530-2764.


Polio Plus Quilt Raffle

Jan Recanzone is more than the President of the Rotary Club of Yerington, she is artist.  Jan, an award-winning quilter and has created a work of art in the form of a silk quilt which she has generously donated to raffle for Polio Plus.  People who know nothing about quilting often think of these creations as a homemade blanket, something made with scraps of fabric that are tossed on the bed to keep them warm.  Often times they are so much more and such is the case with this quilt.  (For clarification quilting is the process of joining at least three fabric layers together using a needle and thread, either by hand or using a machine.  A long arm quilting machine can either digitally or manually create quilt designs).
Jan began her love of sewing at the age of five creating patterns and dresses for her dolls.   Years later while living in Tahoe Jan attended a presentation put on by the Yerington Quilters Guild.  Jan decided when she retired, she wanted to move to Yerington and to purchase a long arm machine.  Both dreams have come true and for the past sixteen years she estimates she has quilted over a thousand quilts, some for herself but most for others.  Jan is well known in her circle and she often has several quilts waiting to be completed.  Though this is a business for her she is extremely generous with her talent and often supports nonprofits and local fundraisers.  Jan has received several best of show awards, numerous long arm quilting awards including the Nevada Quilt Guild Long Arm Quilter of the Year in 2012.
The Polio Plus Quilt is a fifteen-year project.  Jan attended an exhibition of Japanese Silk Quilts in Washington and decided she wanted to create a silk quilt.  She began collecting fabric through her travels and others followed suit collecting silk from all over the world.  Jan being the wonderful person she is decided she wanted to do something special for her club and for Polio Plus thus donating this beautiful quilt. This custom quilt is 81x99 inches.  Raffle tickets are $10 each or 6 for $50 and can be purchased by contacting the Rotary Club of Yerington or Jan Recanzone at 775 463-9070 or 775 530-2764.
When asked if she had one “special” memory she said, “It was a cloudy day and was sitting thinking, not sure if I should get the long arm machine and I said a prayer and asked for guidance.  Minutes later the sun came through a cloud and shined on my face”.  Not only was Jan blessed that day but so were so many others that now have one of Jan’s works of art.