Grant Money at Work
Beautiful mural in Yerington, made possible through a District grant. Get your grant management training and applications in and leverage the funds available to accomplish more amazing projects throughout our District.
World Polio Day is coming on October 24.
How is your club spreading the word and acknowledging the day?
Need help creating a social media campaign or poster?
The Brand Center has what you need.
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Famous Rotarians by Vocation
Part Two: Explorers and Inventors
What do Neil Armstrong and Orville Wright have in common?  Yes, they were both famous aeronautic pioneers, and both from Ohio.  But they were also Rotarians!  Rotary emphasizes the importance of its members' vocations -- their businesses, occupations, and professions -- and of having a diversity of vocations (classifications) in each Rotary club.  This is the second in a series of articles featuring famous Rotarians as grouped by their vocations, this time featuring explorers and inventors:

•    Roald Amundsen – Rotary Club of Oslo, Norway – First person to reach the South Pole in 1911
•    Neil Armstrong – Rotary Club of Wapakoneta, OH – Astronaut & first human to walk on the moon
•    Frank Borman – Rotary Club of Space Center, Houston, TX – U.S. astronaut
•    Richard E. Byrd – Rotary Club of Winchester, VA – Arctic explorer
•    Gordon Cooper – Rotary Club of Space Center,  Houston, TX – U.S. astronaut
•    Sir Edmund Hillary – Rotary Club of Auckland – New Zealand explorer, philanthropist and 1st person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest
•    Charles Lindberg – Rotary Club of Edinburgh – American aviator

•    Thomas A. Edison – Rotary Club of Orange, NJ – Inventor
•    Guglielmo Marconi – Rotary Club of Bologna, Italy – Inventor of the wireless telegraphy, 1909 Nobel Prize recipient for physics
•    Orville Wright – Rotary Club of Dayton, OH – Co-inventor of the first successful airplane (photograph circled above)

Focusing on two of the above Rotarians, Neil Armstrong became a Rotarian before becoming a famous astronaut.  Because of his busy work situation, Armstrong was not initially a particularly active Rotarian. But following his walk on the moon, his home Club of Wapakoneta made him an honorary life member and he became more active in Rotary later in life after his retirement.
Like Armstrong and many of the other Rotarians on the above list, Orville Wright was named an honorary Rotarian of his club. But he went on to serve as the president of his club, so he too was clearly a true Rotarian and not simply a famous name on a list. Orville died on January 30, 1948, when Neil was 17 years old. Neil earned his pilot's license at age 16 in 1946 and by 1948 had made, among others, a solo flight over Dayton (Orville’s home town) to Cincinnati, but "I never had the pleasure of meeting Orville Wright."  I’m sure Orville would have been proud to know that the first human to walk on the moon was also fellow Rotarian!
Maui Relief Fund
August 9, 2023 was a tragic day for our Rotarians, families and friends on the Island of Maui. The fires across the island have changed lives forever. Truly devastating. Our sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted.
As people of action, we can take immediate action. As we come together to recover and rebuild, we need to support each other. We need to Create Hope for Maui.
Through our Rotary District 5000 Foundation, a relief fund has been established. Foundation President Dave Hamil and Treasurer Sharon Amano will handle all donations. The Rotary District 5000 Foundation is a 501c3 organization and all donations are considered charitable.
A committee will be organized shortly to find the greatest needs for distribution of monies. Monies will be used to make the largest impact based on needs and will be sustainable. A single fund will be the most helpful over time to provide the greatest significant benefits.
Please consider donating to this special fund.
DG Mark Merriam
ShelterBox Schlepp!
From the Rotary Club of Reno Midtown, Adam Larson is training for a ShelterBox Adventure. He will carry a ShelterBox from Pyramid Lake to Lake Tahoe, following the Truckee River on the 114-mile long Tahoe-Pyramid Trail (TPT).
He plans to complete the challenge in a single weekend in October by running, walking, and biking along the trail. His goal is to raise $100 per mile, for a total of $11,400 to support ShelterBox's mission of providing people with emergency shelter and other essential tools for survival, following disasters and conflict.
For more information on ShelterBox or the TPT Adventure, or to DONATE, visit the fundraiser website.
If you'd like Adam to speak at your club about ShelterBox and the Challenge, contact him directly at:
NOTE FROM SHELTERBOX: Club and Rotarian donations for TPT Adventure also count towards Shelterbox HERO club awards. Hero clubs are reached with $1000 for bronze level, $3,000 Silver, $5,000 Gold, and $10,000 Platinum. Please note your club name when donating.
Rotary Clubs in Action Training
Join us for an energizing day of Rotary Clubs in Action training on October 7th, at TMCC in Reno. Our District Leadership Team will provide you with many resources and tools to add to your toolbox in the areas of Membership, The Rotary Foundation, serving at the District Leadership level, public speaking, making your club meetings fun, attracting new members, getting involved with Rotary Youth Exchange and so much more. 
Click here for the agenda for the day of training that you don't want to miss! Click here to register.
Announcing a Very Special Global Grant Opportunity for D5190 Clubs!

Africa stole my heart long ago.....
In November 2022, Bishop Sunrise Rotarian Sarah Sheehan made an extraordinary, directed gift to The Rotary Foundation.  
It is designated for use in Global Grants sponsored by D5190 Clubs or the District, for projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a special focus on Uganda.  
Projects may be in any of the Areas of Focus.  
Sponsoring Clubs may draw on these funds to augment funds provided by the club or clubs, the District’s matching District Designated Funds (DDF) and The Rotary Foundation’s World Fund match of our DDF at 80%.  
The District Rotary Foundation team will be gathering contacts and partner club possibilities along with providing other assistance as desired.  This is a very special opportunity and the time to begin planning is now!  Our goal is that these Global Grants will be developed, approved, and launched within the next two years.    
An extraordinary gift and an extraordinary opportunity!  How did it happen?  Enjoy hearing the story in Sarah’s own heartfelt and inspiring words.  Thank you, Sarah, from all of us in D5190!
As Africa stole my heart long ago, I want to enable projects to meet the needs of its people. 
To that goal, on my most recent visit, I saw several hundred people receiving medical assistance at Rotary's Family Health Days in Uganda.  Additionally, I visited a school where the Days for Girls program was explained and enthusiastically received by an overflowing classroom of girls. 
Finally, I was walking on a muddy road out in the country and I spotted the Rotary emblem some distance away. Curiosity prompted me to climb the bank and see that Rotary had funded a well. 
I see people being empowered in a variety of ways through Rotary's grant program.
Due to my father's work in under-developed countries, as a child I traveled to many off-the-track parts of the world. I particularly fell in love with Africa and its people the summer I spent in Niger.  

Since then, I have visited Africa several times and been involved in a variety of projects enabling education and water resources. 
In April, at Rotary’s Family Health Days in Uganda, I met many committed Rotarians working to make a difference. 
I am very proud of Rotary and all it does in the world!  
I hope my gift will assist our District Rotarians in creating and delivering transformational projects that meet the needs of people in a part of the world close to my heart.

Rotary Hearts Doing Good in the World!
Come travel with us on the ELEGANT ELBE (Prague to Berlin) 
NOVEMBER 11-20, 2025 - During the European Christmas Markets!
The trip is 10 days – 4 days of hotel stays, 6 days cruising on the Elbe River on a Viking riverboat (longship) that has a capacity of only 98 passengers!

This will be the second group cruise for many District 5190 Rotarians.  We had such a great time; we’re doing it again!  We’d like to fill the ship with Rotarians and their friends!
Come join us!

-    Standard Stateroom - $2874 pp*  (*Viking clients deduct another $100)
-    French Balcony Stateroom - $3874/$4074 pp *
-    Veranda Stateroom - $4374 pp *
-    Airfare (provided through Viking) starting at $799 economy class from Sacramento or Reno round trip
-    Pre and post extensions available
-    Travel protection insurance available
-    Deposit of $25 per person good through August 31, 2023
-    Full payment due March 2024
-    Anita will donate $100 in the name of each passenger to The Rotary Foundation

530-272-6036 home; 530-913-6036 cell
It Takes a Village
The Rotary Club of Sparks is taking on a huge challenge in honor of their 75th anniversary. President Paul Kaplan created the 75 for 75 campaign, wherein the club would perform 75 acts of service this Rotary year, 2023 - 2024, to celebrate 75 wonderful years as a club.
They already have over 30 projects on the books and they are looking for more ways to contribute to the community and hit their goals. This is where YOU come in! They have a project proposal form available for other Rotarians to submit HANDS-ON service projects they could use some help with.
Each proposal will be reviewed by the 75 for 75 committee for approval.
Click here for the proposal form and contact Jennifer Powers for further information at
Let's help this long-standing club reach this tremendous goal!
Caldor Fire Replanting – October 28, 2023
Our Rotary Clubs, Boy Scouts of America and 
The Sugar Pine Foundation
10 am – 1 pm Grizzly Flats
Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.  
Bring a water bottle and snacks.
Seedlings, tools and gloves will be provided.
Please Join Us!
Rotary members interested in breaking stigma, raising awareness, and increasing access to prevention and treatment of mental disorders.
Formalizes a relationship between your district and the global Rotary Action Group to better communicate needs, resources and to provide assistance with projects.

Rotary members create a District 5190 Chapter - Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group by:
✔    forming a district committee to promote mental health and wellness among members as well as the community
✔    editing the example Vision and Mission statements as desired by your district committee
✔    obtaining signatures from the District Governors current, Elect, and Nominee committing ongoing support 
✔    adopting the bylaws as provided by Rotary International for Action Groups
✔    submitting the completed documents
After you are notified that your chapter application is approved, go to the 'Get Involved' tab within the website (, then to 'New Member Signup' and select Member Type = US $50 District Chapter (bundled w/ up to 10 users). Your Zone and District will appear in the dropdown list. After your new Chapter payment is accepted, you will receive:
-    the district chapter logo you are to use 
-    instructions how to edit your new District Chapter pages within the website
-    an additional board director assigned by the Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group
●    action groups are open to everyone in the community
●    joint activities among members and chapters
●    district chapter website provided within the global website with all functions plus your content
●    assistance with Community Needs Assessment or grants
●    assistance with localizing toolkit materials
●    guidance on loading local resources (examples: referral; looking inward to self or club)
●    coaching on projects by a Rotary Action Group Board Member or proven project mentor
US $50 annually for District Chapter Membership 
Recommended responsibilities of the District Chapter
a)    recruit mental health professionals from the community and members from the district who are experienced in relevant projects to assist clubs in community needs assessment and projects
b)    address the community needs identified in the assessment (perhaps as a club project)
c)    identify local resources and best practices and make them known in the district communities; publish these resources on your District Chapter website
d)    provide materials for events in the district and, if desired, speakers
●    Signature form with example of Vision and Mission statements to edit with local priorities
●    Rotary International bylaws for Rotary Action Groups and Chapters
Email the Chair of the Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group, Bob Anthony or your Regional Board contact:
•    Asia (minus Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan) 
Rita Aggarwal
•    Europe, Africa and the Middle East 
Hauwa Abbas
•    The Americas, Japan, Korea, Oceania, Philippines, and Taiwan 
PDG Bonnie Black

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