Welcome DG Roberta 'Berta' Pickett!

“The journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tse


A journey is like a vision – you look out into the future and see the possibilities of what you want to do, where you want to go, what you will do along the way. You determine what it will cost and what supplies you will need and what it will take to be prepared. And then you are ready to take the actual first step on the journey. Along the way, you may have to adjust the path you follow, but you still carry on towards your destination; you may face obstacles, but you persevere; you may be stopped cold for a while, but you regroup and find a detour.

As Rotarians, we are all on a journey we have chosen to serve others. It will lead some of us to serve in a poverty-stricken town in Guatemala, others in a food bank in Jackson, and others, in a homeless shelter in Reno. Wherever our journey takes us, we are people of action, readily looking for solutions to problems facing our local or global communities.

Most journeys don’t go exactly as planned. COVID19 definitely messed with many of our plans for fundraisers, community events, or club activities as well as the economies across the land. But instead of just walking away from the problems, we dove in to brainstorm and explore options, and determine pathways to action. Why? Because challenges are part of life, part of every journey, and we choose to see those challenges as opportunities.


Part of the D5190 JOurnal will be to share your creative solutions and the ways that you have coped or the ways in which you are carrying on. What makes us Rotarians so unique? I believe it is that we are driven by our Core Values and by our positive mindsets. Our mindset drives us to action which creates results.


As I hit the trails of District 5190 as District Governor, I am so excited to learn about all our clubs and the communities we serve. I am looking forward to meet every single one of you and hear your story of why you are a Rotarian and what motivates you and what gives your Rotary experience meaning.


As I travel the District, I plan to “JOurnal” and share my experience along the trail. My goal is that every one of you remember to add the “Y” into your Rotary experience so that your journey becomes a J-O-u-r-n-e-Y, infused with joy.

PS: I love good quotes. Send me your favorite quotes. Post them on the District 5190 Facebook page or Instagram. Let’s flood the world with good works and good words.


See you on the trail!

Clubs Keep Fundraisers Alive Despite COVID-19
The Rotary Club of Reno Midtown planned a Polio Run-a-Thon in conjunction with the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey, which was cancelled due to COVID-19. 
Instead of scraping their fundraiser, they got creative and made something new; a virtual run-a-thon, where the team still covered all 178 miles, but on their own chosen routes over a 12 hour period.
Getting creative and not letting circumstances get in the way of the club's polio eradication efforts, allowed the space for a truly unique event to emerge.
The Rotary Club of Reno Central gets a shout-out for being flexible and creating an amazing week-long virtual Crab Feed fundraiser on Facebook. 
Let's the District know how your club is adjusting to these crazy times by posting on the District Facebook page. We want to see what you're up to!
District 5190 Now Has a Podcast!
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You'll hear all kinds of great things on the show and experience the District in a whole new way.
Happy listening!
RYE Corner
Your bags are packed – at least in your head. Your language lessons are going along well, only two more lessons and the series is complete. You have told all of your friends that you won’t be back for school next year because you’ll be going to school in Italy. Your family has agreed to host an inbound student because your room will be free. You have been working and saving money to help your parents pay for this one-year exchange. You have looked in Google Earth to virtually explore the city where you will live next year. You have purchased your travel adapters so you can use your computer and hair dryer in your host parents’ home and at school. You have studied the weather statistics for your destination, so you know what clothes to take. You have begun your introductory PowerPoint presentation to your hosting Rotary club, thanking them for this incredible opportunity and to help them get to know you. It is only now and then that you get butterflies in your stomach when you think of getting on the plane. More often, your excitement makes you want to jump out of your skin, and you can hardly wait. You have managed to connect with your first host family who have assured you they are just as excited for your arrival. You’re going to miss your dog, but you have explained to him that you’ll be back, and time will fly.
What’s left, what’s left? Oh yeah, the Rotary Youth Exchange District 5190 Committee has some more paperwork to complete. But the instructions are pretty clear so that won’t take long. And just another couple of months and away we go!!!
Membership Growth Initiative
Johrita Solari, Rotary Director representing Zones 26 and 27 for 2019 – 2021 and RI Vice President Elect, together with our own Vicki Puliz, Rotary Director Elect (2021 – 2023) have asked the District Governors Elect from the two zones to develop a Five Year Membership Growth Plan focusing on club expansion and club vibrancy in each of the districts.
DGE Roberta Pickett formed a committee consisting of District Membership Chair PDG Doug McDonald, District Club Expansion Chair PDG Dave Bianchi, DGN Anita Daniels, DGND Jeff Gabriel, and me, DG Randy Van Tassell. The committee developed a plan to grow the number of clubs (including Satellite and Rotaract clubs) in District 5190 from 60 to a total of 76 over the next five years.
Our efforts are supported by the Membership Committee for Zones 26 and 27. A podcast was produced on which DGE Berta, PDG Doug, and PDG Tom Carroll from the  Zone Committee discuss the background and focus of the Membership Growth Initiative. It is available on the District website under “Podcasts”.
Our initial efforts will be following up on potential new and/or satellite clubs suggested as I visited the Clubs this year, such as Lovelock, Battle Mountain, Hawthorne, Lone Pine, Cool, and others. It will also include looking at employer-based clubs or satellites such as Tesla in Reno or the prisons in Susanville; ethnic or lifestyle focused clubs; and, goal oriented clubs such as the club just chartered in Minnesota focusing on human trafficking.
We seek your input, support, and, most importantly, involvement as we embark on this five-year JOurneY!
Feel free to contact PDG Dave Bianchi or me with any questions, comments, or ideas.
Thank you,
DG Randy Van Tassell
District 5190
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Distance Learning is Here!
COVID-19 has changed the world. Rotary is uniquely suited to create solutions during trying times. Knowing creativity thrives in constraint, District 5190 is bringing you more distance learning opportunities to stay on top of best practices, procedures for each executive club role, and much more.
Click here for more training resources and folks to reach out to if you need help or have any questions.
Nevada City Club Distributes Free Masks

Saturday June 13, the Rotary Club of Nevada City partnered with Nevada County Masks to distribute free, reusable cloth face masks.  Wow, what a turnout! Cars lined up half an hour before the published start time and, in short order, the crew ran out of masks.  

Community members were able to stay in their cars, drive through the parking lot, and choose from a selection of various sizes and designs for adults and children. Many people were getting their first masks. Contributions, well over $200, was given to the local volunteer group, who contributes their time and expertise, to purchase supplies for additional masks.

The Rotary Club of Nevada City was delighted to partner with them to meet this need for our community during the COVID pandemic.

RI Virtual Convention Continues with July Breakout Sessions
The RI Virtual Convention in June was great, but the fun, learning, and connection didn't stop there.
July is packed with fabulous breakout sessions. Find creative ways to catch those sessions with your club. How about a BBQ and watching a session on the big screen?
Rotary is evolving, so keep up with all the great things coming in the future and the tips and tools to keep your club thriving in this new era.
Check out this amazing fundraiser! It's a good time to be out in the fresh air. Email to get signed up!
Russell Hampton
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