We Survived the Rapids!
HUGE thank you to Bob Santin for organizing the river rafting trip fundraiser, benefiting Polio Plus. There was a fantastic turnout of Rotarians from District 5190 and we filled four boats!
The south fork of the American River was exciting and manageable, despite having rapids with names like "meat grinder" and "troublemaker," (YIKES!).
Over $1,200 was raised for Polio Plus and we can't wait for this rafting opportunity again next summer. Hope to see you there!
Maui Relief Fund
August 9, 2023 was a tragic day for our Rotarians, families and friends on the Island of Maui. The fires across the island have changed lives forever. Truly devastating. Our sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted.
As people of action, we can take immediate action. As we come together to recover and rebuild, we need to support each other. We need to Create Hope for Maui.
Through our Rotary District 5000 Foundation, a relief fund has been established. Foundation President Dave Hamil and Treasurer Sharon Amano will handle all donations. The Rotary District 5000 Foundation is a 501c3 organization and all donations are considered charitable.
A committee will be organized shortly to find the greatest needs for distribution of monies. Monies will be used to make the largest impact based on needs and will be sustainable. A single fund will be the most helpful over time to provide the greatest significant benefits.
Please consider donating to this special fund.
DG Mark Merriam
Rotary Direct – Set It and Forget It!
Rotary Direct is the easiest way to contribute to The Rotary Foundation on a regular basis. Just enter a credit card or checking account info, what cause that you want to support, how often you wish to contribute and how much, and your giving will be automatic from there.
It’s easy: Sign in to my.rotary.org and click the Donate button in the upper right corner of the landing page. Click your favorite or most important cause – Annual Fund SHARE (this generates grant funds managed by the District, helps earn Paul Harris Fellowship credit and helps your club earn the Every Rotarian Every Year banner), Polio Plus (this helps earn Paul Harris Fellowship credit and helps your club earn the 100% Giving Banner), World Fund (this fund is managed by the Trustees to fund their priorities), Disaster Response Fund, Pakistan Flood Fund, or Ukraine Fund. You can even designate your gift to a specific Area of Focus.
Then click on One Time Donation or Recurring Donation (this will be for giving at the intervals you set – monthly, quarterly, annually at any amount $10 or greater), enter your name, billing address and payment details. You’re done! You can manage your credit card in your my.rotary.org account. 
Many have set up giving plans such a $10 per month ($120 per year) contribution to the Annual Fund, and then set up a $100 a year for Polio Plus. This makes sure they are giving on a regular basis to become an Annual Fund Sustaining Member ($100+ per year) and continues their gift to the Polio Plus Society. Or you could give $83.33 per month to fulfill your Paul Harris Society commitment of $1000 per year. But you can set up your plan anyway you desire.
It’s easy, and easy on the pocketbook! 
The Rotary Foundation and District 5190 appreciate your contributions that Do Good in the World and continue to change lives, whether it’s through District and Global Grants made possible by the Annual Fund, or eradicating polio through the Polio Plus Fund, or addressing humanitarian needs due to disasters or war. Your giving makes a difference. 
For more information, email District Foundation Chair Doug McDonald  at dougmcdonald49@gmail.com or for click here for Frequently Asked Questions.
Colors Galore at National Night Out
Our local law enforcement agencies know how to throw a fabulous community party! Rotarian and NCPD Chief Dan Foss and Nevada City Police Department (NCPD) fired up their awesome new grill and recruited Nevada City Rotarians to assist with cooking and distributing all sorts of goodies to kids and friends. Cathy had baked and baked cookies that were served up along with over 500 hot dogs provided by Nevada City Police! Plus NCPD’s cardboard police cars and mini handcuffs were big hitters as was Nevada City’s newest officer K-9 Ruby, a young bloodhound.
Crowds of locals joined in the merriment that came to a climax with the Kids Color Fun Run! Cathy and Robin joined in the fun run of the Colors on behalf of Nevada City Police and Nevada City Rotary. Kids of all ages ran the course throughout Memorial Park while officers and community partners shot out canisters and threw buckets of brightly color chalk on anyone around! Then a water hose from a fire truck doused the runners! 
Nevada City Rotary is proud to partner with Nevada City Police Department (NCPD). Click here to check out the fun photos at National Night Out!
Famous Rotarians by Vocation
Part One: Business Leaders
What do Colonel Harland Sanders (founder of KFC), Charles Walgreen, Jr. (of Walgreens Pharmacy), and Joyce Hall (founder of Hallmark Cards) have in common?  Yes, they were famous business leaders.  But they were also Rotarians!  Rotary emphasizes the importance of its members' vocations -- their businesses, occupations, and professions -- and of having a diversity of vocations (classifications) in each Rotary club.  This will be the first in a series of articles featuring famous Rotarians as grouped by their vocations, starting with business leaders:
•    Raymond F. Firestone, Rotary Club of Akron, OH, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.
•    Joyce C. Hall, Rotary Club of Kansas City, MO, Founder of Hallmark Cards
•    Konosuke Matsushita, Rotary Club of Osaka, Japan, President, Matsushita Electric Co.
•    J.C. Penney, Rotary Club of New York, NY, Founder of J.C. Penney stores
•    Max Cointreau, Rotary Club of Paris, France, Owner, Cointreau liquor enterprise
•    Heinrich Nordhoff, Rotary Club of Braunschweig, Germany, President, Volkswagen
•    Dr. Charles H. Mayo, Rotary Club of Rochester, MN, Co-founder of Mayo Clinic
•    Reijiro Hattori, Rotary Club of Tokyo Ginza, Japan, Chairman, Seiko
•    Leopoldo Pirelli, Rotary Club of Milano President, Pirelli Tire Co. Italy
•    “Colonel” Harland Sanders, Rotary Club of Jeffersonville, IN, Founder, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
•    Claude Vuitton, Rotary Club of Paris-Nord, France, Owner, Vuitton luggage enterprise
•    Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Rotary Club of Chicago, IL, Chairman of the board of the Walgreen Drug Company
•    Sam Walton, Rotary Club of Bentonville, AK, Founder of Walmart
In focusing on a few of the above Rotarians, Harland (Colonel) Sanders became an active Rotarian in 1919 as a founding member of the Rotary Club of Jeffersonville, Indiana, at the age of 29. After that he joined the Rotary Club of Corbin, Kentucky, and then the Rotary Club of Shelbyville, Kentucky, and was an active member until his death in 1980.
Charles Walgreen promoted the 4-Way Test in his business, which officially adopted the Test in 1955 as part of "the Walgreen Way." And during the Great Depression, the "1930 Joyce Hall Prosperity Plan" was embraced and promoted by Rotary Clubs throughout the country. Some newspapers credited Hall and his plan with aiding the country's eventual economic recovery.
ShelterBox Schlepp!
From the Rotary Club of Reno Midtown, Adam Larson is training for a ShelterBox Adventure. He will carry a ShelterBox from Pyramid Lake to Lake Tahoe, following the Truckee River on the 114-mile long Tahoe-Pyramid Trail (TPT).
He plans to complete the challenge in a single weekend in October by running, walking, and biking along the trail. His goal is to raise $100 per mile, for a total of $11,400 to support ShelterBox's mission of providing people with emergency shelter and other essential tools for survival, following disasters and conflict.
For more information on ShelterBox or the TPT Adventure, or to DONATE, visit the fundraiser website.
If you'd like Adam to speak at your club about ShelterBox and the Challenge, contact him directly at: a.larson52@gmail.com
NOTE FROM SHELTERBOX: Club and Rotarian donations for TPT Adventure also count towards Shelterbox HERO club awards. Hero clubs are reached with $1000 for bronze level, $3,000 Silver, $5,000 Gold, and $10,000 Platinum. Please note your club name when donating.
Rotary Clubs in Action Training
Join us for an energizing day of Rotary Clubs in Action training on October 7th, at TMCC in Reno. Our District Leadership Team will provide you with many resources and tools to add to your toolbox in the areas of Membership, The Rotary Foundation, serving at the District Leadership level, public speaking, making your club meetings fun, attracting new members, getting involved with Rotary Youth Exchange and so much more. 
Click here for the agenda for the day of training that you don't want to miss! Click here to register.
Coloring Book Creates Healing
for Children of Natural Disaster

It will be two years this week, since the Dixie Fire, the largest single wildfire in California history, which devastated an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. This wildfire burned just under 1 million acres, including the towns of Greenville, Canyondam and more than half of the community of Indian Falls and Warner Valley. Through the collective efforts of the Spiritual and Emotional Wellness committee (SEW), a subcommittee of the Dixie Fire Collaborative, whose goals it was to provide the gift of presence, to be active listeners, and support to those who had lost so much. 
As part of this group’s efforts, D5190 Rotarians, along with other volunteer organizations, has helped fund and support monthly summer picnics with food and music to help uplift the community. During these events, our SEW group began seeing the need to help the children cope with the grief of losing their homes, community, and for some, their school as they were temporarily moved to Quincy or Chester High. 

One of the victims, and member of the committee, came across the story of the little dozer that played a crucial role in saving parts of the town after the larger dozers failed to contain the fire lines. Recognizing the potential impact on children, Ken Donnell wrote the initial draft of the story.  Members of the committee from Plumas Rural Services (PRS) then collaborated with grief and trauma counselors, incorporating their feedback, along with feedback from our Rotary friends who funded the project, to finalize the story.  PRS then engaged the children and other community members in various settings, and encouraged them to share their story as they the drew accompanying illustrations.  From there, the project gained momentum, and through the partnership with Rotary D5190’s Community Fund and Disaster Response Team, the committee was able to print 2,800 coloring books for distribution to the children of Plumas County, and another 100 sent to the Caldor Fire.  

After handing the coloring books out, the committee heard the heartfelt response from a fourth-grade teacher, who said, “Thank you for the coloring books; they truly engaged all the children in my class. They all wanted to talk about their experiences from the Dixie Fire, especially three children who lost their homes. I just wish I had started reading this book earlier so that we had allowed more time for the children to express their memories and anxieties about living through the Dixie Fire.” 

The school librarian, who lost her home in the fire, was also amazed by the book and how it captured the emotions of the children. Future plans for the book include a new printing of the book in both English and Spanish, envisioning it as a resource for children who have gone through other types of disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, and more. The creation of this book was truly a group effort between victims of the fire, SEW, PRS, fire survivors, and many gifted and creative volunteers all working together to create a place of remembrance and healing.

Gentle Winds,
Rev Becky Stockdale, member of the Portola Rotary Club and Chair of the Spiritual and Emotional Wellness Committee

By: District Membership Chair Richard Forster
Many Rotary clubs in District 5190 are growing their membership by utilizing strategies and basics of understanding what members and prospective members’ desire.  Here are a few tips:


1. ASK - everyone wants to be a part of making a positive impact in their community.  Just ASK!

2. PLANT THE SEED - not every prospective member will join, but they will remember being asked.  Keep them on your radar.  I recently asked a person to join.  He remembered me asking 11 years ago.

3. WHAT IS YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP CULTURE? - every member should know that they are on the club membership committee.  Empower them to contribute to your club’s success.  Promote each member’s ability to add more hands to do good work in your club and community.   

4. WHERE IT BEGINS - discuss club membership at Member Orientation.  Highlight their ability to create a greater impact by giving them a challenge at their Member Induction ceremony to invite people of their character to join in the future.

5. EDUCATE - members need help to speak knowledgeably about Rotary to encourage others to join.

6. UNDERSTAND - know what your club does in the community so your club story can be told to prospective members.    

7. CHANGE YOUR THINKING - “that person will never join” to “that person will really enjoy positively impacting lives in our community and in the world!”

8. DEDICATE TIME - focus a portion of every meeting on membership.  Your members will be motivated and feel that bringing great members with new ideas into your club is a priority.

9. BE READY - address stereotypes about Rotary head on.  Anyone can afford our modern, flexible clubs and be part of change.

10. Think VC - analyze the businesses in your community so you know what vocational services are missing from your club.  Utilize individual or corporate memberships and grow your club.

11. NEVER ASSUME - don’t overlook the busiest people in your community.
12. PASSION - help a prospective member to understand how they can be part of your club by identifying where their passion exists.

13. ENCOURAGE PARTICIPATION - every member should be asked to participate in club activities.

14. REWARD SPONSORS - thank members who support your club’s efforts to become stronger.

15. NOW IS THE TIME - when members are missing, care enough about them to promptly reach out, communicate, and hear their appreciation.  Don’t wait until January or June to do a welfare check!
Come travel with us on the ELEGANT ELBE (Prague to Berlin) 
NOVEMBER 11-20, 2025 - During the European Christmas Markets!
The trip is 10 days – 4 days of hotel stays, 6 days cruising on the Elbe River on a Viking riverboat (longship) that has a capacity of only 98 passengers!

This will be the second group cruise for many District 5190 Rotarians.  We had such a great time; we’re doing it again!  We’d like to fill the ship with Rotarians and their friends!
Come join us!

-    Standard Stateroom - $2874 pp*  (*Viking clients deduct another $100)
-    French Balcony Stateroom - $3874/$4074 pp *
-    Veranda Stateroom - $4374 pp *
-    Airfare (provided through Viking) starting at $799 economy class from Sacramento or Reno round trip
-    Pre and post extensions available
-    Travel protection insurance available
-    Deposit of $25 per person good through August 31, 2023
-    Full payment due March 2024
-    Anita will donate $100 in the name of each passenger to The Rotary Foundation

530-272-6036 home; 530-913-6036 cell
Rotary members interested in breaking stigma, raising awareness, and increasing access to prevention and treatment of mental disorders.
Formalizes a relationship between your district and the global Rotary Action Group to better communicate needs, resources and to provide assistance with projects.

Rotary members create a District 5190 Chapter - Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group by:
✔    forming a district committee to promote mental health and wellness among members as well as the community
✔    editing the example Vision and Mission statements as desired by your district committee
✔    obtaining signatures from the District Governors current, Elect, and Nominee committing ongoing support 
✔    adopting the bylaws as provided by Rotary International for Action Groups
✔    submitting the completed documents
After you are notified that your chapter application is approved, go to the 'Get Involved' tab within the website (RAGonMentalHealth.org), then to 'New Member Signup' and select Member Type = US $50 District Chapter (bundled w/ up to 10 users). Your Zone and District will appear in the dropdown list. After your new Chapter payment is accepted, you will receive:
-    the district chapter logo you are to use 
-    instructions how to edit your new District Chapter pages within the website
-    an additional board director assigned by the Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group
●    action groups are open to everyone in the community
●    joint activities among members and chapters
●    district chapter website provided within the global website with all functions plus your content
●    assistance with Community Needs Assessment or grants
●    assistance with localizing toolkit materials
●    guidance on loading local resources (examples: referral; looking inward to self or club)
●    coaching on projects by a Rotary Action Group Board Member or proven project mentor
US $50 annually for District Chapter Membership 
Recommended responsibilities of the District Chapter
a)    recruit mental health professionals from the community and members from the district who are experienced in relevant projects to assist clubs in community needs assessment and projects
b)    address the community needs identified in the assessment (perhaps as a club project)
c)    identify local resources and best practices and make them known in the district communities; publish these resources on your District Chapter website
d)    provide materials for events in the district and, if desired, speakers
●    Signature form with example of Vision and Mission statements to edit with local priorities
●    Rotary International bylaws for Rotary Action Groups and Chapters
Email the Chair of the Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group, Bob Anthony rwa@1645@gmail.com or your Regional Board contact:
•    Asia (minus Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan) 
Rita Aggarwal  rita.aggarwal@gmail.com
•    Europe, Africa and the Middle East 
Hauwa Abbas  hauwaabbas1@gmail.com
•    The Americas, Japan, Korea, Oceania, Philippines, and Taiwan 
PDG Bonnie Black  bonblack@yahoo.com

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