September is Basic Education and Literacy Month.  Our goal as Rotarians is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy. 
More than 775 million people over the age of 15, world-wide, are illiterate.  That’s 17% of the world’s adult population!
Fortunately, Rotarians are making a difference and improving these statistics.  Whether here at home in our district, or internationally in the countries most needed.  As Don and I travel around District 5190 we see many accomplishments that serve to enhance education.
Some of the projects our clubs are doing include:
Little Libraries:  Where books are donated and placed in small receptacles around the community and easily assessable.  The idea is to take a book and leave another book in the receptacle. 
Donate Books:  Clubs purchase dictionaries and children’s books and donate them to schools and shelters.  Some clubs donate a book in the name of their guest speakers to the local library.
Read to Kids:  Rotarians love to read to kids, and this is being done through-out our district at multiple locations, be it schools, child-care centers, or nursery schools.
Donations of School Supplies:  Several of our clubs have put together back packs with school supplies for children in need as they returned to school this past month.
Sponsorships of Local Schools:  This is a great way to support education and encourage students to excel.  The club sponsors a school, then implements a “Student-of-the-Month” program. Each month a student from each grade level is selected by their teachers and invited to a club meeting where they enjoy a meal and are recognized by the Rotarians for their good work.
Scholarships:  I am amazed at the amount of dollars that are budgeted by our clubs to recognize students in our district each year.  Generally, graduating seniors, but also in middle-school, and returning college students. 
RYLA & REGL:  These are two wonderful programs that provide funding for students to experience a leadership program that truly changes lives.  I witnessed this first-hand at our recent RYLA camps.  REGL will be offered this month at Grizzley Creek Ranch.
International Educational projects:  And, of course, there are numerous projects being done globally with the help of The Rotary Foundation that improve literacy and provide educational opportunities for those in need, as well as empowering girls.
I am very proud of the work our clubs are doing, despite the limitations of the ongoing Covid pandemic.  Rotarians are resilient and can easily adapt to change.
“To reach a port, we must sail---sail, not tie at anchor---sail, not drift.”Franklin Roosevelt
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There are several crowd funding campaigns for victims of the Dixie, Caldor, River, and Tamarack fires. Please click here for a full listing of all funding resources you can donate to. All contributions are greatly appreciated.
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Help for Haiti
ShelterBox is sending a response team to the Caribbean region, after a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake and aftershocks that struck Haiti on Saturday.
We are seeking support from Rotary clubs and districts to help in our efforts here.
Buildings have been flattened. Hospitals already under strain from COVID-19 are overwhelmed. Now with Haiti in the path of Tropical Storm Grace, survivors of the earthquake could be hit by strong winds, driving rain, flooding, and mudslides. Many will be facing these conditions with their homes already destroyed. Rescue efforts could be severely affected.
The ShelterBox team will work with fellow humanitarians to assess damage reports, understand from communities what they need, and work on the challenging logistics of delivering aid to areas where buildings have been reduced to rubble.
Your generous donations are hugely appreciated.
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Meeting ID: 872 8248 2005 Passcode: 783361 Dial In: 669-900-6833
Interviews for District Governor 2024-25 will be held on November 20, 2021.
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Jamie Stocks - Susanville Rotary
Our club has been busy and thriving. Although we’ve taken the past two weeks off due to the fires. We have already accomplished so much in the first month of the new club year.
Susanville Rotary had the opportunity to partner with the Lassen County Cattlemen and run the beer concessions at the Lassen County Fair. This was a significant undertaking to staff the concession area for twelve hours a day over five days, but the club came together and got it done. It was a very successful fundraiser and we look forward to coming up with a project to benefit our community.
Susanville Rotary has partnered with Susanville IGA to raise funds that will benefit our community that has suffered such loss and damage due to the Dixie Fire.
John McGarva - Susanville Sunrise
We are truly blessed to have John McGarva as President of Susanville Sunrise as we go through this crisis. John McGarva is part of the Sherriff’s Department here in Susanville. When I called him on Thursday evening he was working in Greenville, yet he still had time for a brief conversation.
He pointed out that they have had to cancel a few meetings, but will get back on track. They also had a successful corn dog booth at the fair this year.  They are also working on their Wine Tasting Fund Raiser in November.
Folks I would encourage each and every one of us to support this fun event in November. Lassen County has been hammered by COVID, and now the Dixie Fire. But Susanville Sunrise Rotary is still very successful.
Greg Scott - Chester Rotary
When I talked with President Greg Scott he was actually on Highway 32 on his way home to Chester. Well Greg made it home, things are looking good although his great vegetable garden is gone. He pointed out that it is going to be a long, long mop up. And “We may get our pin feathers singed but we never quit”. I loved hearing those words from my President of Chester Rotary, because this is what a leader does, he inspires. Greg while being evacuated attended the Redding Rotary Thursday Noon club, and evidently welcomed him with open arms. They said they would love to help out in our area as we begin the recovery process.
Terry Johnson - Chester Rotary - Area 1 AG
As the Area 1 AG, I can honestly say once again that we are indeed #1…and with the Presidents that we have in our three clubs we will stay #1.
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile