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ImageFor over 100 years Rotary has had a positive impact on the world community and yet is almost invisible to our friends and neighbors. Rotary International is trying to change this communication deficit by placing a new emphasis on public relations. So what does that mean to a Rotarian and the Rotary club? 
Rotary International is committed to improving Rotary’s public image and the world’s awareness of Rotary. It’s a big part of Rotary’s new strategic plan—just as important as supporting and strengthening our clubs, and focusing and improving our humanitarian service. 
As a District, we are committed to helping our Clubs take the initiative to promote what they do within their own communities through training programs and information about how each of them can promote greater awareness about Rotary.
Rotary International provides a vast amount of materials that can help clubs promote themselves.  Log into your account at and you can find ready-made public service advertisements for all different sorts of media, sample press releases, videos, and more.

But don’t forget the important grass roots work that all Rotarians need to do. Make sure your club has a fun, up-to-date website that is interesting to non-Rotarians. If your club doesn’t have one, set up a Facebook page and then use it to post news and information about your club. Urge individual Rotarians to use their social media accounts to spread the word—they need to share what Rotary does with their non-Rotarian friends and neighbors. Think about who you want to reach, and then chose the best forms of communication to reach that audience. 

Public Image can be old-fashioned—when your club is working on a project, put up a sign to tell the world. Remember that a project isn’t done until the publicity about it is done—and don’t forget to “put a wheel on it” (a Rotary wheel, that is). 

Enhancing your club’s public image is about making Rotary stronger and about doing even more good in your community and in the world. People have many ways to be involved, and many charities asking for their money. We need to show them that Rotary is the best investment of their time, talent, and money.


Your Club’s Public Image is Everything that You Do!


Rotary has created a new "masterbrand" and Districts, Clubs and Committees are requested to update their brand.  See the sample above for our District. Rotary has provided an easy method to create letterhead, business cards, and newsletters.  Click HERE for an easy to follow set of instructions.



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