What is Rotary?
A Rotary Club is a group of local business people, civic leaders, and community members who meet on a regular basis to develop friendships so that they can help create a better community both locally and throughout the world. 
Joining a Rotary club is a great way to make friends, have fun, and share your vocation while getting involved in the community.
As a member of Rotary, you will discover the joy of making a difference in our local community and internationally. While getting to know other Rotarians while developing long-lasting relationships as we work side by side on projects.
As a Rotary club, our meetings are an important way to get together, develop friendships, and learn about our community. Even though attendance at our meetings are not mandatory, our members try to attend because they are fun, entertaining, and informative.
As a guest, we invite you to attend a meeting and learn more about what makes us an important part of our community.