Eddy House

The Area 8 Rotary Clubs are strong supporters of the Eddy House, a non-profit that offers services to young adults ages 18 - 24.   A few weeks ago Eddy House held a major fundraiser and this video was premiered.    The video features Rotarians from several different clubs.   
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Purple for Polio Eradication

The Plymouth community undoubtedly noticed that several buildings on Main Street were lit up in purple on the evenings of Monday and Tuesday this week. The Rotary Club of Plymouth-Foothills made this effort to recognize World Polio Day, October 24th.  Read the Ledger Dispatch Article.
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Green Sahel Project 

The Green Sahel Project was a partnership between 9 clubs in Rotary District 5190 and a Senegalese non-profit called Volunteer Network for a Green and Prosperous Sahel (VNGPS). VNGPS is an amazing organization that is completely run and led by volunteers so that all money donated goes to buying materials for the projects. Nothing is spent on overhead or labor. The first part of the project included building a tree nursery and planting thousands of fruit trees for families in need in Northern Senegal, a place where many people go 9 months per year without eating a fruit or vegetable. The second part included building a large community farm where people in a small town called Fonde Elimane and its surrounding villages can grow crops for free, thus supplementing their income and food supply. VNGPS is all about sustainable solutions and always stays in an area after doing a project so that it doesn't fall apart over time, which is what usually happens with most charity projects. VNGPS already has great trust from the rural communities all along Northern Senegal. Everyone who benefited from the project is so grateful to Rotary District 5190 for their support!

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NEO Youth Center

Grass Valley, 49er Breakfast, Grass Valley South and Nevada City Rotary clubs present $40,000 to the NEO Youth Center in Grass Valley, California
Click HERE to read news article from The Union newspaper
Click HERE for more information
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